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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Lost

19-year-old Ray Pye (Marc Senter) is a black-clad, good-looking, snake-charming sociopath - capable of a compliment or cold blooded murder with the bat of an eye. When his friends, Jen (Shay Astar) and Tim (Alex Frost), help him cover up a murder they become his reluctant followers. Four years after the crime, Ray still hasn't been arrested. Detective Charlie Schilling (Michael Bowen) and his ex-partner, Ed Anderson (Ed Lauter), know that Ray did it ... they just can't prove it. But when Katherine Wallace (Robin Sydney) arrives in town, Ray has finally met his match. Katherine is a bad girl with a taste for the dark side and she and Ray are on an explosive collision course as destined as it is deadly.


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