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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hollywood Scarefest: Premiere Edition

(Trailer Unavailable)

A collection of award-winning scary shorts from the annual Hollywood Scarefest premiere.

Convulsion: Terry Fischer, a futuristic mind assassin, is already unraveling when she gets her final assignment.

A Woman Scorned: When fantasy becomes reality the truth is too painful to bear.

Pause: Tension mounts as a pair of amateur kidnappers confuse when their camera is "recording" and when it is on "pause."

Jeff Burton's 911: Sam is happy to housesit for her girlfriend's uncle. But one night as she waist inside the big house for a friend to come over her luck is about to change.

Trippin': For this trip, you won't need to pack your bags... just get a firm grip on your seat!

Silent Razor: After the end of everything... The netherworld ruler Dark Shogun's master assassin, the Silent Razor, has gone renegade. He's fled to the shattered lands of apocalyptic LA with his lover, Keiko.

The Walls: A dark comedic spoof about a man who discovers that his wall has a strange feature.


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