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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Green River

A woman who wants to bring a murderer to justice faces more danger than she expected in this independent thriller. Charisma (Danielle Franke) has never been able to come to terms with the disappearance of her sister years ago, who is believed to have fallen victim to a serial killer while camping in the woodlands of Montana. Determined to find some answers, Charisma and her best friend Allison (Kristina Hughes) decide to travel to the place her sister was seen in hopes of uncovering some clues to her whereabouts. But paranoid and panicky Allison isn't much help, and their nerves aren't eased much when they're told about a strange religious cult in the area at a general store and are given a hard time by locals at the town's diner. As Charisma and Allison make their way back to the cabin they're rented, they're followed by Jack (Peter Bruce), who was one of the only people at the restaurant to be helpful to them. Jack seemed to be familiar with the story of the fugitive serial killer, and Charisma thinks he might either be the murderer or know how to find him; should she confront the danger in hopes of learning the killer's identity, or follow Allison's suggestion that the should get out while they still can?


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