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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Vampire Conspiracy

Five strangers are abducted by a 250 year old vampire and forced to act as pawns in a game designed specifically for his morbid amusement in producer/writer/director Mark Morgenstern's dark thriller. To successfully navigate this twisted maze means to inherit the bloodsucker's entire fortune; to lose means to become the next meal for the powerful supernatural predator, transformed into a vampire, and dropped back in the maze to torment the next round of victims. The only clues that could lead them out of their dire predicament are a series of words written on the floor of the maze and the unintelligible ravings of a madman who had survived the previous game. When the group discovers an outside event that leaves each of them wanting the others dead, the situation quickly deteriorates as they attempt to figure out who they should fear most - the vampires, or each other.


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