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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Hunt For The BTK Killer

Actor Greg Henry stars as the elusive serial killer who terrorized Kansas residents for seventeen agonizing years while taunting the authorities and claiming the lives of ten random and unsuspecting victims. Inspired to revisit the case on the anniversary of the killer's emergence, the media inadvertently prompts a serial killer who had once gone into self-induced retirement to begin prowling the streets of Wichita in search of potential victims. Detective Jason Magida (Robert Forester) is a cop who remembers all too well the terror that the BTK killer inflicted on the community as he launched a gruesome campaign to bond, torture, and kill his helpless "projects" after staking them like an animalistic predator, but that was back in the mid-1970s. Is it really possible for a serial killer to suppress their murderous instincts long enough to evade capture, only to lash out once again decades later? When a killer who seems to share the same modus operandi as the original BTK killer begins claiming victims and the citizens of Wichita once again begin locking their doors at night, Detective Magida and his partner (Michael Michele) set out to put an end to the killings, and the rampant fear that has gripped the quiet Kansas town, once and for all.


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